5 Tips To Toned Your Abs This Summer

Cardio Workout

Cardio Workout

Do you get jealous or inspired when you see someone with perfectly toned abs? Having perfectly chiseled out abs is no easy job. It requires weeks of rigorous hard work and good amount of time spent at the gym. But getting good flat abs does not necessarily mean you must have the six pack carved out abs. It could also mean flat abs with no pot belly. If you are only looking for the flat good looking abs and not the chiseled six pack abs then it is not relatively a tough job. ‘Relatively’ because it does require a bit of hard work and for some people even a simple half a mile walk is hard work. But it entails a bit more than half a mile walk every day. Here are some simple tips for getting good looking abs:

Start with the cardio exercises first

There is a difference between a muscular body and a strong body. You could do tons of iron at the gym and build up your muscles and still be low in stamina. To build up the stamina you need to do the cardio exercises everyday and for as long as you can. Cardio exercises include walking, brisk walking, running, tread mill running, cycling, swimming and more. You should do cardio work out at least 20-30 minutes every day. These exercises not only help you burn the calories but also make your body stronger and build up your stamina. If you are going to the gym regularly then you will have to rely on the limited cardio equipments provided by them. It may get monotonous after some time. However, there are some recreational activities, such as swimming, which you may find interesting and also provide for the necessary cardio work for your body.

Strength work out is also required

You may think that the work out involving weights does not shape up your abs. However, it actually does- indirectly if not directly. Any physical work out helps reduce the fats in your body and ultimately your abs are also affected. Any resistive work out such as weight lifting, free weights and others are the part of strength training.

Never forget the role of diet in your life

Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet

This is the toughest part of all; even tougher than lifting a few pounds of weight. The human tongue is fickle and gives in to the temptation. But you need to gather all the will power you have and avoid the foods that build up fats. You will need to give up high calorie diet. This means no more pizzas, chocolates, burgers, ice creams, and soda for you anymore.

Don’t get lazy about the household chores

You may laugh at it but household chores that keep your body on the move help you maintain, if not reduce, your fat level in the body.

Don’t give up on yourself

After three days of workout you looked at yourself in the mirror and the tummy hadn’t reduced a bit. The next thing you would want to do is give up the fitness regime concluding that it is not working. But you need to be patient. Results show up in weeks. You will need to carry on.

In the end



If you want to get rid of the abs you will need to make some sacrifices. You will need to get out of the comfort zone and give your body a little stress but it will be worth it.

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How To Use Your Body Language To Get Positive Social Attention?

Body Language

Body Language

There is no arguing with the fact that body language can prove as an eye opener to get to know about someone’s behavior and attitude without knowing the person closely. Body language is something which is studied by many people to judge you and your thoughts. Body language is trusted for people’s analysis because it comes natural to a person and one can fake the words but not body language. But hey, there’s a loop hole to it. If you know some interesting body language tricks that you can gain social attention in a positive manner. Getting noticed with the help of these secrets will help you in creating a better reputation on professional and personal front.

Cary yourself with your `chin up’ always

Ever wondering why people don’t take you seriously? You go unnoticed maybe because you carry yourself in such a manner that people assume you don’t mean business. This body language secret is the most effective one. All you have to do is to keep your chip angles slightly upwards and straight rather than the usual bended manner. This simple body language strategy can make you look very respectable, sophisticated. Your personality gets the right kind of attitude and people assume inherently that you rank yourself high. People do notice you a lot and assume that you are a person with some substance.

Stand and sit with your spine straight

Posture is Important

Posture is Important

Your sitting and standing posture highly affect the way people perceive you both in the professional area and in personal life. If you have been fooling around all this while with bent spine, then you have been probably sending out signals that you are very lazy and careless. But if you sit upright with your spine and neck straight, then you give out an illusion of a person with very strong personality. If you really want to check it out, then start talking to your parents or boss with an upright spine and neck and notice how seriously they are taking you.

Make eye contact with people while talking

This is one of the over emphasized aspect of body language that needs to be corrected if you really want to gain attention from people. Making an eye contact while speaking with somebody surely gets you noticed and presents your confident image in the mind of others. Your words make a greater impact if you make eye contact while interacting with one person or a gathering of people. But you should keep it in mind that the eye contact should not be intense and the person with whom you are talking shouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

If you have always wondered that why some people look so appealing and attractive to eyes despite being average looking, then you must have understood by now that this is because of the way that they carry themselves. People can create an aristocratic and sophisticated image too by using these tips. Using these secrets will not only get you noticed but people will start taking you more seriously too.

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